Meet the modern healthcare experience

Personalized and preventative care that looks after the whole family

iHealthOX empowers members to get the timely care they need to live a healthier, more engaged life. Our platform makes it straightforward for members to access mental health and primary care designed and integrated to improve whole-body health.

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One membership for your mental well-being and whole health needs

Find the right personalized care, match with the right team of health providers, and feel motivated and supported through your entire journey.

Build your Health and Well-being Profile to help personalize your care

Connect with Care Team to create your care plan

Match with a licensed therapist (virtually or in-person)

Book same-day primary care doctor appointments (virtually or by phone)

Engage in group coaching sessions focused on CBT lessons (coming soon)

Access on-demand mental-wellbeing coaching for your teens

The modern and personalized health benefit for your employees

iHealthOX integrates disconnected health and wellness benefits to deliver one experience for physical, mental, and virtual care. We partner with employers to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and improve employee productivity.

We help you prioritize your health and


iHealthOX empowers members to live a healthier, more engaged life by reimagining how you and your family access and experience whole body healthcare. Through the power of technology, members are easily connected with the right preventative mental well-being support and same-day virtual primary care.

Our team works together to help people live healthier

iHealthOX is grounded in 20+ years of clinical experience and believes the best health outcomes happen when an individual’s care is connected, personalized, data-driven and delivered by an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of health providers. The iHealthOX care team stays on the same page — working together towards each member’s personal health and wellness goals.

Discover the data-driven, integrated health benefit

iHealthOX partners with you to deliver an integrated health and wellness benefit that meets every client’s objectives and budget. We partner with you to customize our data-driven employee healthcare platform that drives personalization, reduces costs, and improves overall health outcomes.

Empower your people to take better care of their whole health.