The one benefit for modern employee healthcare

We empower employers to reimagine health and wellness benefits and turn healthcare costs into a high-value investment. By transforming primary care delivery, employees and their families have connected access to mental health and well-being support rooted in prevention and early detection and intervention of chronic disease management.

A powerful, data-driven employee healthcare platform

Experience an integrated care delivery model for employers

iHealthOX has integrated the disconnected health and wellness benefits experience through its new, innovative care delivery model. Through our tech-enabled services, we help you increase employees’ access to care, decrease your health spend, and deliver better health outcomes for employees.

Support every employee with remarkable mental healthcare

Good health begins with mental well-being. We partner with employers to remove barriers so your team can access clinical support when they need it, build coping strategies for what life brings them and continue to prioritize their overall well-being.

Remove the limitations of disconnected healthcare

We harness the power of technology to integrate primary care with mental health, physical wellness and health coaching — delivered to employees virtually or in-person. From mild to severe conditions, we provide the right level of care and support for the full spectrum of healthcare needs.

Turn your healthcare costs into a high-value investment

We work with employers who not only want to offer exceptional healthcare benefits to their employees but who want a strong return on their investment. We make it easy for your employees to find, understand and optimize the health benefits programs available to them.

One platform for your employees’ whole health and well-being

We keep members, doctors, therapists and insurance providers on the same page, targeting the same goals and measuring progress to make employee healthcare more connected, responsive and effective.

One Benefit

One benefit that takes better care of your employees’ and their families’ mental well-being and physical health.

Mental Well-being

Our mental healthcare team works together with your employees to determine the right evidence-based treatment that will help them make healthy behavior changes, develop coping strategies and flourish.

Direct Primary Care

Primary care is the first stop in every person’s healthcare journey. Our diverse Care Team helps employees not only feel better, but also invest time in prevention by making the key lifestyle changes to help them achieve their best health.


iHealthOX connects employees with same-day physician appointments (virtually or by phone), 7 days/week, when they need medical advice, a prescription, a referral and more.

Health and Well-being Coaching

We believe in each person’s ability to make positive behavior changes to achieve their health goals. Our personalized coaching programs help employees avoid, manage and overcome chronic conditions.

Healthy Kids

We help families who want the best care for their children with less waiting, more communication and easier access.

We meet employees where they are, whenever they need us

Employees and their families save time with straightforward access to the right mental health services, primary care, telemedicine and coaching with the added support of our Care Team who offers encouragement along the way.

Meet the modern employee healthcare experience

We provide your employees with one convenient destination to get easy access to the exact care and support they need to prioritize good health and mental well-being.

  • Health and Well-being Profile to help personalize care
  • Care Team creates care plan and provides encouragement and accountability
  • Licensed mental health therapists available virtually or in-person
  • Easy bookings for same-day primary care doctor appointments (virtually or by phone)
  • Group coaching sessions focused on CBT lessons (coming soon)
  • On-demand mental-wellbeing coaching for teens

Partnering With You at Every Point

Easy Implementation From Start to Finish

Step-By-Step Rollout

We tailor the implementation plan for your organization so you have the straightforward information you need to help your employees get started.

Internal Communications Toolkit

We equip you with a ready-to-go communication toolkit so you have the products you need to promote the new benefit and support employee adoption.

We Take Care of the Logistics

Our Team takes the lead onboarding your employees and provides employees with ongoing support.

Learn how you can foster a healthy workforce

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One Benefit for Your Modern Employee’s Healthcare

Empower your employees to thrive with an integrated healthcare experience that looks after employees and their families’ mental well-being and physical health virtually.