iHealthOX Academy

Empowering students to realize their personal success

At iHealthOX Academy we empower our students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their social, emotional and physical well-being.

We believe that all children can be successful given the right environmental and emotional support. Our optimized learning environment is adapted to differently abled students who require more guidance and support with their sensory processing needs and/or emotional regulation.

Our programs and services

An individualized approach to each child’s learning

Academic Catch-up Program

When your child begins our academic program, they are evaluated to determine which academic areas they require more support . We use an individual learning plan which is student specific and allows us to tailor a program to meet each child’s needs rather than the one-size fits-all approach of traditional schools.

By focusing on each student’s strengths and including them in the goal-setting process, the student becomes more engaged with their own learning.

Our academic team will meet with your child’s classroom teacher within their community school and collaborate to ensure that the skills being taught can be acquired and applied in all environments. Our team will provide parents with monthly updates to share your child’s progress and successes.

Social Emotional Program

When students are enrolled in our program, we begin with an assessment to ensure that we are targeting your child’s particular social and emotional needs.

Programming will include mindfulness activities, individualised emotional regulation strategies and social skills development. These programs are play- based and will teach children to problem solve, make friends and learn what strategies work from them when they feel frustrated. Children will learn in a small group setting (3 children for every educator) and each student will have individualised social emotional learning goals.

Parents will be given a monthly update report that shares their child’s progress in areas such as: problem solving, group participation, social skills development, empathetic responding and emotional regulation skills.

Outdoor learning and play

At iHealthOX Academy, we believe that children need sunshine and fresh air to grow up healthy and strong. Every day our students spend time outdoors. As often as possible our Academic Program and Social Emotional Learning programs will take place outside in our beautiful fenced in yard. Children will also have the opportunity to participate in gardening activities such as growing edible plants and flowers.

Accommodating our student’s sensory needs

In a traditional classroom environment, children are expected to stay seated for long periods of time — and for many students this restrictive model is simply impossible.

At iHealthOX, our classroom has a variety of seating options for children that require more “wiggle room.” We offer standing desks, ball chairs, wobble stool, movement breaks, noise-canceling headphones, quiet corners and fidget items. We are always looking for more ways to adapt the learning environment to help our students thrive and realize their full potential.

Where We’re Located

1572 Stittsville Main St.
Stittsville, ON K2S 1P1