Be empowered to live healthier

One destination for the whole family’s mental and physical well-being

We’ve reimagined healthcare to give you and your family the timely, straightforward care experience you need to thrive. We’ve done this by building a health team that helps you reach your mental and physical well-being goals with the right treatment, coaching, tools and encouragement.

Personalized care to reach your health and well-being goals

The iHealthOX membership gives you one virtual destination to access straightforward, personalized and connected care for your mental and physical well-being — when you need it.

Virtual Bookings that Fit Your Schedule

Real-time appointment bookings that work for you and your schedule.

Health and Well-Being Profile

Access personalized care options based on your health and well-being insights and scores.

Care Team

Chat with our Care Team to develop a care plan and determine the best treatment for you.

Same-day primary care

Book a same-day virtual or phone appointment with a physician to have a consult, fill a prescription or get a specialist referral.

Evidence-based therapy

Match with a licensed therapist virtually or in-person who will help you reach your personal goals.

Dynamic Group Care

Engage in group coaching sessions with licensed health providers focused on CBT lessons. (coming soon)

Begin your well-being journey today

We make it easy to get started with iHealthOX so you can focus on what really matters: your well-being.

  Create your account

Access the app on any browser or device and create an account.

  Complete your Well-being Profile

Your first activity will be creating your Well-being Profile to help the Care Team customize your experience.

  Chat with Care Team

Better understand your Profile, develop a care plan and determine the treatment, support and tools best for you.

  Connect with a Health Provider

Book a same-day appointment with a primary care doctor or schedule a session with a licensed therapist to help you reach your goals.

One on One Counselling for a More Personalized Care

At iHealthOX we offer extensive services that cater to your mental health. Our goal is to reduce psychological stress and improve your well-being. As a member of iHealthOX, you will receive confidential, comprehensive, specialized, and integrated care from registered psychotherapists and social workers. As well, all of our mental health services are supervised by clinical psychologists, and you will receive the tools and strategies that will be gained through your individual sessions.

Share Your Benefits With Your Family

With iHealthOX, you are able to share your benefits with your loved ones and claim it using the insurance provider your workplace is using.

iHealthOX Autism Therapy Services

Specialized programming for your child on the spectrum

We offer services such as respite care, ABA & IBI Therapy, integration and parent coaching. We help you find the program that will best build your child’s social, emotional and physical well-being. All of our programming meets the MCYS requirements for the Ontario Autism Program.

iHealthOX Academy

Individualized learning to help students achieve their best

Our optimized learning environment is adapted to differently-abled students who require more guidance and support with their sensory processing needs and/or emotional regulation. Our wide-range of academic programs each take a personalized approach to a child’s learning.

Be empowered to prioritize your whole-body health

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